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Friday, December 5, 2008


Let me start by discussing the "theft" from my previous post.

When I wasn't running around town today like a chicken without a head, I was able to catch ten minutes at home in which both the headmaster and the middle school principal had already responded by Email regarding the message I sent them last night and both were courteous, gracious, completely full of concern and eager to get to the bottom of things. The middle school principal had forwarded my Email to the assistant principal who also happens to be a basketball coach. Not my son's coach but nevertheless, he was able to investigate and with the help of one of the PE coaches, was able to get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearing PE shorts and came to the conclusion that boys will be boys. Basically, my pre-teen son and his co-horts like to rough-house while getting dressed/changed in the locker room and tend to misplace their own clothing. On top of that, all students who use the locker rooms were recently read the riot act about how crappy they keep the locker room and that a landfill is in better condition! They were told that if something is laying around to pick it up and find it a home and that's what the students have been doing, including my son. So the new homes become unoccupied lockers and some of the kids are so careless, that they tend to throw their own clothing items into said lockers. In the end, my son and his friends' belongings were all found and I jumped the gun as usual and let my anger get the better of me. I'm not blaming myself for anything, don't get me wrong. I probably did what any other concerned parent would have done at the end of a long and tiring day when that was the last thing they wanted to deal with. I sent a message to all those who had responded to my Email thanking them and apologizing for rushing to conclusions and making threats. Anyway, the matter has been resolved and the case is closed, Nancy Drew.

Now for Schwartz. He had the tests done yesterday for Cushings Disease and the results came back today. Negative, he does not have Cushings. However, he has cysts all over his mid-section that erupt and scab over in these horrendous scabs and as a result, he has a skin infection. He is now on a two-week supply of antibiotics and the doctor seems to think that along with the rest of the steroid meds, he will heal up in no time. I'm trying to remain optimistic but with everything else we've had to deal with where he's concerned, that remains to be seen.

For the time being, the vet does not want to put him through anymore tests which I'm thankful for as well because I'm not sure how much longer my bank account can handle it! I posed the question as to whether she thought he had a food allergy and she seemed to think that it's very likely so I went out and bought him Nutro food. This is the same type of food that saved Montana's life years ago when we found out he had skin issues so I'm hoping for the best. I selected a particular kind that not only states helps keep skin and coat healthy but one that also has joint additives and since he has that issue with his hind leg, I thought this the best choice for him. I'll let you know how it goes.

Good news on the front for Montana as well. He had his three-week follow-up appointment yesterday and he's finally doing great! The last batch of medications they gave me really started helping him from the first day they were given. He hasn't so much as squinted and the cloudiness has almost completely disappeared from his eye. He's starting to look like a normal cat again!

And last but not least, that chef guy wrote me back regarding the penis-shaped mushrooms. He basically said that he had chosen not to do any research since they aren't of any culinary use and that he thought it was just strange that it happened inside his home disproving, and I quote, "the influence of faery rings or other mushroom mythology". I'm really not sure WTF he's talking about there but I don't really give a shit either. Perhaps he smoked his penis-shaped mushrooms and saw faeries...I don't know.

With that, I'm off...again! Hope your weekends have started off nicely!

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Blogger Samantha said...

I'm glad the locker thing was sorted, awesome email though!

December 5, 2008 at 5:47 PM  

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