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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

extra extra, read all about it!

I've got updates people!!

Let's start with FUN (Fucked-up Nutcase) since that story is freshest in our minds...

Back when I didn't know that FUN was a FUN, we had two mutual friends in common on Facebook. It didn't dawn on me until I was about to delete her from my friend's list, that we presently had only one mutual friend in common. I was curious, I mean, you don't delete someone without a valid reason, right?

So I wrote my friend who no longer appeared on FUN's friend's list inquiring about why that was and this was her response:

She was at one point on my friends list, however It got to be weird because she was almost a stalker. If I blocked her from seeing my friends list, etc she would type me immediately and say I can't see anything on your profile. Also, R. dropped her because she acted really weird to her too. R. dropped her and she wrote her asking why she dropped her, then R. felt bad and added her and G. stole all her celebrities and removed her from her friend list. She has issues, and isn't all there. She is a stalker and weirdo.

Wait a minute...did she say celebrities?!

That's right folks, when she made the choice to try to slam me for something so insignificant, she became a third-time offender. Too bad she doesn't live in the US 'cause I know some states have the "Three times you're out" policy before throwing someone in jail. Not that her psychotic behavior is punishable by jail time but a girl can dream, can't she?!

So being Koolio, I wrote her an Email basically telling her that I knew all about the shit she's pulled with others and that while I wasn't a doctor, I knew enough people suffering with mental illnesses to know when specific behavior warrants psychiatric treatment and that she should seek it immediately. 'Cause ya' see, Koolio doesn't just put the knife in half-way. If I'm gonna' stick someone, I'm gonna' really stick 'em!

Boy, I would be so cool in prison, wouldn't I?!

Onto the next update...

You may remember this post from the other day.

Last night, my son participated in a wonderful school choir performance. I'll tell you...this choir teacher knows her shit. She selects just the right amount of Hallelujahs and classical stuff balanced with fun little numbers. The kids had a great time and the audience enjoyed it as well.

Right before the show, I was studying the program and I see out of the corner of my eye someone sit in the seat in front of me and says 'hi' to me. It was my "friend". Seemed very happy to see me, said she had seen me around town in the last few days and had tried to wave to me but I didn't see her. She repaid me for a favor I did for her and then told me that the next time I didn't have the kids for the weekend, she wanted to go out somewhere with me.

*blank stare*

I thought I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone for a minute. A total turnaround. She also seemed happier since she'd had the WoW talk with her husband and things had improved over the weekend.

Wait...someone actually took my advice?!

Anyway, I said I was available this weekend and sure, let's do something and then she blew it.

"Okay, call me!" she said as she waved and walked back to her seat.

Some of you out there might understand what it is I hate about that last sentence. I have always been the "okay, call me" girl. I have always been "selected", if you will, to initiate gatherings and plan them. It's like it's expected of me. What is it about people that they can't initiate something as simple as a phone call? Is it a popularity thing? Do they want to be able to brag to others, "Oh, all these people called me this week, blah, blah, blah...!". I just don't get it.

And honestly, such a statement still makes me feel a bit unwanted as far as friendships are concerned. It still makes me wonder if I should bother. Yeah, I complained that it felt like she didn't consider me a friend and all but do I just suck it up, take it for what it is and make plans knowing inside that's just how she is or do I count my losses and move on?

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Blogger Charlie said...

I think there's a direct correlation between niceness and nutcases: the nicer you are, the more nuts you attract.

At least the choir was good.

April 7, 2009 at 1:09 PM  

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