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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

trying to make funny outta' not so much

Did anyone understand that title?! 'Cause I was trying to be clever but with a brain that shuts down promptly at 5pm (when I started to write this), clever doesn't always work. Anyway, onto the post.

My son's baseball coach sent out an Email the other day that yesterday's game was rescheduled for 4pm because it was more convenient for the officials. Fine. Whatever. Bring on the peanuts, the popcorn the cracker...oh, nevermind.

So we're all there waiting at the field. And waiting. And, yep! You guessed it! Waiting. No officials. At 4:15, the three coaches on our sons' team were huddled together on the field, whispering. Turns out that the dipshits who run the field never bothered to tell the officials that 4pm was a more convenient time for them to officiate the game. Gotta' love the dumbasses of our world!

The coaches decided that they were going to wait another five minutes and they would call the game. "Great!" I exclaimed, "Call the game!". I was eager to get home and clean before my cleaning girl comes today. Heh.

One of the other mothers looked at me and said, "No. He means they'll call the game.".

Oh. Fuck.

So I yelled out to the coach that I could ref but, of course, it would be in our favor. He liked that idea. Then some of the other parents started calling out what they could do to help and I said "Oh fine. I'm Jewish, I'll just sit here and complain.". For some odd reason, *wink* people liked that one.

I am Jewish, by the way. And, in case you haven't already noticed, I complain. A lot.

Needless to say, most of us parents were a bit annoyed at the people who run the field. And not only did the officials not show up but they never opened the concession stand and if you think I complain, you should be around my daughter when she's starving. Non-freakin-stop. I had to leave the field at one point just to make a Mickey D.'s run.

With bad weather putting a bit of a damper on the season, it's been a long one. Our kids have put forth their best effort and we've closed in at times but we've only won two games so far, yesterday being one of them. Well, when the Bad News Bears play the Worse News Bears, how could we not beat the team?!

It was sad, actually. I felt pretty bad for the other team. I started channeling Tanner Boyle from tthe Bad News Bears movies and felt compelled to scream out "booger eatin' moron" a few times but restrained myself. Even though there have been times where our boys have been pretty sloppy on the field at least the other teams can't say we don't give them a run for their money. This team we played yesterday gave up before they even came up to bat.

Anyway, the game dragged on. We made some pretty decent plays, one of which was by my son, thankyouverymuch! We finally mercied the other team, 9-0 and could leave.

As much as I love watching the kids play ball, that was truly the most uninteresting game I've ever seen!



Blogger Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I always get mad when I'm at my niece's soccer games and I see the parents sitting there reading books. After reading this, I have a little better understanding of why they do LOL

April 29, 2009 at 8:24 AM  
Blogger Charlie said...

I give both teams a big round of applause: even though they know they're not the greatest around, they're willing to play and, hopefully, have fun doing it. It IS a game, after all, despite some dipshit parents and officials...

April 29, 2009 at 2:47 PM  

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